Whether you’re a real estate developer, architect, or a property owner renovating a space, finding the right commercial construction company for your project is critical. Commercial construction projects can be massive endeavors. There is often a time crunch and strict budget constraints. The worksite itself is hectic. Hardworking individuals moving different parts towards one common end goal; not unlike the ant farms we used to watch as kids. These different parts must move in harmony. An organized chaos if you will. The head of the commercial contracting company you choose is the glue holding it all together. This is why you must choose wisely. Here are a few things to look for when assessing candidates.


Leadership is the cornerstone of any strong team. An 11-man offensive unit needs a quarterback to drive them down the field for the comeback win with less than a minute on the clock. Someone competent enough to effectively call the plays with no huddle. Someone resilient enough to get back up from every hit. Someone capable of making an adjustment when things don’t go as planned. A commercial building project requires no less.

A strong commercial construction team has good leadership at the top. You need to work with someone that possesses a strong vision for the project. Someone that’s onsite and not project managing from a desk somewhere else. Someone who knows the strengths and weaknesses of every crew member with an innate ability to motivate. Someone capable of objectively analyzing his or her own management style. A good communicator that keeps you in the know when it comes to project progress, scheduling or timeline delays, problems that arise, and budget concerns.

Skilled Employees

Any project relies on a random collection of individuals coming together for one common end goal. When you’re assessing a Los Angeles commercial construction company, don’t hesitate to ask about their crew. Get a sense if you’re working with someone that settles for bodies to fill gaps or someone that has built a team. A team comprised of individuals with unique skill sets with years of combined experience even if there’s young muscle onboard. You’ll want to know the crew coming to your site has demonstratable experience completing projects similar to yours. Avoid working with any commercial builder you get the sense is driving around SoCal assembling their crew hours before they arrive on site.

Communication & Consistency

You want a commercial contractor that listens as much as they speak. You need to be convinced they hear you and share your vision. You also need to work with someone that’s transparent and upfront. Someone that isn’t cutting corners or keeping issues or potential project delays from you.

Consistency is also critical to any construction team’s success. You need consistent messaging, management style, and processes to set clear expectations and minimize human error.