If you’re thinking it’s time to remodel your office, you need those renovations to be as non-disruptive to your day-to-day business operations as possible. Delays hurt your bottom line and add costs to your budget. While some problems can never be anticipated or predicted, being prepared for a few common causes for project delays will help immensely. This is why H.W. Holmes, Inc. – a commercial contractor specializing in office remodels in the Los Angeles area, has compiled this list of 4 factors that can wreak havoc on an office remodel schedule.

Project Size

It goes without saying that the more complex the renovation is, the longer it might take to complete. Any construction schedule is subject to the overall size and complexity of the job. A good commercial builder knows to factor in the “unforeseen” into any timeline projection they provide you. Not only does this set realistic expectations with you, but it is also respectful to the crew. There’s no way to predict what they may encounter on the job and they need to be alotted enough time to address the issue unrushed and correctly.

Weather Conditions

Inclimate weather can be a factor depending on your location. Especially when it comes to exterior renovations. Although California is widely considered to be America’s center for calm weather, we’ve seen in recent years that natural disasters like wildfires, earthquakes, and mudslides can interfere with day to day living and commercial construction jobs, too.


In many commercial construction projects, one crew needs to finish what they’re doing before the next crew can move in to do their part of the job. One delay within this chain of subcontractors can have severe implications on the entire project. This is why realistic expectations for project milestones and the overall timeline need to be set on Day 1. How long will each phase of the project take? How much time will each crew that’s assigned to a specific task need? Labor shortages, especially in California given tightened border security, must also be factored in. Is the commercial builder you’re choosing for your project adequately staffed with laborers and subcontractors they can count on?


The availability of necessary building materials or finishings can also impact an office remodel schedule. One must also keep in mind that some materials take longer to install than other options. For instance, it’s much quicker to install carpeting than it is to tile an entire floor.

This is why a good commercial builder will make sure you clearly understand how any specifically requested material or finishing will affect your overall renovation schedule.

Looking for a Los Angeles area office remodel? When you work with H.W. Holmes, Inc., you not only have highly-skilled laborers committed to your project’s success but a project manager making sure everything’s on schedule. We’ll ensure your office remodel is completed on-time and on-budget. We know how important planning, preparation, and adhering to the project schedule is to achieving this.