For many, the place they work is basically a second home. Many people with office jobs spend anywhere from 8 to 11 hours a day at work. That might even be more than the hours spent awake at their actual home. This is why it’s so important for companies to create a work environment that inspires creativity and productivity. It’s really not all that difficult to transform an existing office space into a space that represents your brand and company culture. Here are 5 office redesign tips to transform any ordinary space into a place employees, clients, business partners, and potential hires love coming to…

Open Office Layout

The open office floorplan continues to be a popular open redesign. Open spaces sacrifice high cubicle walls for community work areas which promote collaboration and teamwork. Many newer open office designs now include private phone booths or study coves for employees needing privacy and fewer distractions.

Adjustable Desks

Standing desks are incredibly popular today. The effects of sitting all day are continuously being studied and researched. Right now, many health experts feel that remaining seated an entire workday is unhealthy. This is why more offices are adding standing work bars, adjustable height desks, and even treadmill desks or walkstations.

Mood-or-Productivity Enhancing Color Schemes

Studies suggest that different colors influence mood or work productivity in different ways. For example, the color blue is said to have a calming effect that boosts efficiency and focus. Restful green can also make workers happier and more productive. Mellow yellows promote energy, optimism, and innovation. Red is good for an area of the office you want to draw eyes to. Wall paint is a simple, affordable, yet effective office redesign.


Carpeting is out. Harwood, vinyl tile, and contrasting flooring to section off areas of the office are in. Modern offices are using flooring to add punches of color, boost employee morale, energy or focus, and delineate collaborative workspaces.


When it comes to decorating office walls, a picture is worth a thousand words. Think long and hard about what type of impression you want to create when people enter your office. The artwork you choose should reflect your brand’s style and create a welcoming atmosphere.

Classic portraits by Picasso and Matisse may work for one type of office, but decorative art seems to be replacing fine art. For instance, colorful abstract paintings are big in modern offices. Other popular wall decor includes framed movie posters or album covers, paintings by local or new emerging artists, city-or-region-centric photography, and wood, ceramic, metal, or glass sculptures. Just a few pieces are enough to add some ambiance to any dull office space. You don’t want to overcrowd walls with artwork.