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Understanding Homeowners Insurance Coverage After California Wildfires

If you or a loved one lost their home to the Thomas Fire, the team here at H.W Holmes, Inc. understands what a surreal and difficult time this must be. Our hearts are with everyone affected by what’s now the largest of California wildfires. The visuals of the fire, as well as the destruction left […]

Lower Commercial Construction Costs Through Strategic Reuse

There’s no telling what you might come across during a commercial construction project. While much of what you’ll find will need to be thrown out, replaced or upgraded, you might also find a few things that can be reused. Even better, this reuse can also decrease commercial construction costs. This is why it’s always smart […]

3 Tips to Avoid a Few Very Common Commercial Construction Delays

Most construction schedules leave very little wiggle room. This makes any type of project delay costly. Potentially disastrous. This is why commercial construction mistakes must be avoided at all costs. Surprisingly, there are many common delays that occur before the first day of actual construction. Many of these are completely avoidable. In today’s blog post, […]

4 Things to Look for in a Restaurant Remodeling Contractor

Restaurants are always looking to set themselves apart from competitors. Finding the right contractor to most effectively handle a restaurant remodel isn’t without its challenges. There’s no room for error. Your restaurant renovation needs to be done right – from concept and design to materials and construction. Here are four things to keep in mind […]

Why the See-Through Workplace is all the Rage in Office Remodels

Many Los Angeles area office remodels are now featuring glass office walls and doors as part of their tenant improvement construction. But why is interior glass now the hottest material in office renovations and construction? What are the selling points and the negatives to the see-through office? We break it all down in this blog […]

Los Angeles Commercial Construction News (November 2017)

Disclaimer: This is a monthly summary of Los Angeles commercial construction news curated by H.W. Holmes, Inc. We will cover recent commercial construction projects and news pertaining to Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa Barbara counties. We have no association with any of these developments unless specifically stated.


Construction is […]

4 Untrue Tenant Improvement Myths

Tenant Improvement (TI) Allowances are a significant expense for landlords. Customizing even a smaller space can often cost a landlord up to six figures. As with anything carrying that kind of price tag, a lot gets said about the true value or worthiness of tenant improvements. Some of what gets said simply isn’t true. Here […]

How to Avoid a Negative Tenant Improvement Experience

Any landlord or tenant that’s ever been involved in a tenant improvement (TI) project that exceeded the contractor’s estimate, required numerous change orders, and wasn’t finished on the promised date will attest that it’s best to avoid these all-too-common pratfalls. Thankfully, several things can be done during lease negotiations to increase your likelihood of having […]

How Unforeseen Conditions Raise Tenant Improvement Costs

Unanticipated circumstances can significantly raise tenant improvement costs. Time is money. Nothing screws up a timeline or budget like a concealed or unforeseen condition. Some things just can’t be anticipated – even after a seemingly thorough onsite inspection. This is why there’s no such thing as a 100% accurate cost projection. In this blog post, […]

2017 Trends in Tenant Improvement Construction in CA

As we near the end of another year, we thought it would be interesting to talk about some trends we’ve seen as California tenant improvement contractors in 2017. Lucky for us, it’s been a great year for commercial renovations, which happen to be our specialty. But what kind of trends are we seeing overall in […]