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Are Millennials Taking Up Less Space in Modern Offices?

Most Ventura office tenant improvements today are in response to the shrinking desk spaces of the millennial office…

It’s called the millennial office and it’s driving not just Ventura office tenant improvements, but office build-outs and retrofits throughout the country. Today’s ideal office is a wide-open communal workspace that looks more like a coffee shop than […]

New Homes Are Bigger Than Ever – Here’s Why…

Does it seem like the new homes being built today are bigger than those from the 70, 80s, or 90s? It’s not your imagination. People are truly “living large” these days. In this blog post, we look at how all of this extra square footage is being used. Are homes getting bigger for the sake […]

Why Preparation is Everything With Restaurant Construction

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned restaurant owner or a wide-eyed newbie opening doors to customers for the very first time. There are certain steps that must be taken to get your restaurant built and opened on schedule. If you’re planning on building a restaurant, here’s some required homework to do prior to meeting […]

Los Angeles Office Design Trends So Far in 2018

Not too long ago, office buildings were designed for big offices with rows and rows of cubicles and fluorescent tube lighting. A standard office space might host a reception area, a conference room or two, and some private offices. Workers were separated, not just by position within the company, but workspace as well. Thankfully, offices […]

Who Pays for Tenant Improvements?

While we are not legal experts, and advise anyone negotiating a lease to seek legal counsel, as commercial builders – we’ve completed our fair share of tenant improvements. If improvements are needed to turn a space you’d like to lease into a space you can actually use, here are some things to know going into […]

20 Questions to Ask a Potential Custom Home Builder

If you want to build your dream home, you need to find the perfect custom home builder for the job. You need to talk to more than just one. As you do, you need to ask the right questions. Their answers to these questions will help you assess their experience, character, and overall qualifications. Unless […]

3 Things to Consider When Rebuilding After a Wildfire

Homeowners in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties are still piecing their lives back together after the Thomas Fire. Now ranked as the largest wildfire in California history, the fire burned close to 250,000 acres and destroyed anywhere from 800 to 1000 structures. Some homes have been leveled. Others have severe smoke damage or are badly […]

How To Protect Your Home From a Mudslide

Landslides are very common in Southern California. This past January, 20 people were killed and countless homes were destroyed after heavy rains unleashed destructive rivers of mud and debris. The wildfires that had inflicted the region late last year are believed to have made these mudslides even more devastating. Vegetation and roots that would’ve held […]

5 Things To Do When Choosing a Custom Home Builder

One of the most important decisions you’ll make when building a new home is choosing the right custom home builder. Thankfully, researching home builders and the selection process itself has never been easier. Today, more than ever, it’s possible to find the ideal builder for new home construction. H.W. Holmes, Inc. – custom home builders […]

The Benefits of an Open Floor Plan for Your Home

Trends in new home construction tend to come and go. However, open floor plans remain the most popular layout for single-family homes as we move further into 2018. Creating a space that’s uniquely yours is why many so many opt to build a custom home rather than buy an existing structure. An open floor plan […]