Trends in new home construction tend to come and go. However, open floor plans remain the most popular layout for single-family homes as we move further into 2018. Creating a space that’s uniquely yours is why many so many opt to build a custom home rather than buy an existing structure. An open floor plan lets this type of person build a home that truly stands out among most in the neighborhood. Here are a few benefits to choosing an open floor plan for your new home.

Connecting Indoor & Outdoor Space

Many luxury homes being built today utilize a floor plan that expands indoor space to the outside. By eliminating visual barriers, a feeling of one large expansive and connected space is created. There’s no better way to make your home feel more expansive than forging this connection between indoor and outdoor rooms.

Accordion or pocket doors – even a garage door – can enhance a ground-floor family room by blending the inside with the outside. Pivoting or floor-to-ceiling glass doors and corner-to-corner windows are other ways to achieve this same feel. This trend has been popular among newly built Californian homes for a few years now.

Spaciousness & Increased Interaction

Removing walls and visual barriers will open up your space; making it appear much larger than its actual size. Fewer hallways and less wasted rooms or spaces will translate to more usable space. Most homeowners want more usable space than wasted square footage. Kitchens can seamlessly transition into living rooms or dining rooms; creating a wide open space and flowing design.

This also creates more opportunities for interaction with family and friends. Food prep, eating, lounging, entertainment, and kids playing can all take place within the same undivided space. Parents can prepare dinner while talking to and watching over their children.

More Natural Light

By eliminating interior walls and adding more windows and floor-to-ceiling glass doors, more sunlight will enter your home. This means you, your family, and guests can enjoy brighter more uplifting surroundings. This effect is further maximized by blurring the lines between the inside and outside of your home.

Enhanced Entertaining

An open layout makes entertaining guests easier and more enjoyable. There’s a more communal vibe when you’re entertaining. Conversations can continue while you’re cooking, setting the table, or cleaning up. The flow between spaces lets voices carry better for more socializing and interaction.

Enhanced Safety

If you’re a parent or planning to have children in the future, an open floor plan will allow you to keep a watchful eye on them. A child playing outside or in the living room can be supervised as you cook dinner or work from your laptop at the dining room table.

More Personalized Space

An open floor plan allows you to divide a space however you wish. Furniture can be arranged to divvy up a space for whatever functional use makes the most sense to you. It’s going to vary from homeowner to homeowner. For instance, an entrepreneur or retiree may see a space as a home office or hobby center. A parent may see that same space as a play area for their children.

More Cost Effective

An open floor plan is typically more cost-effective than a traditional floor plan. With fewer interior walls and doorways, the cost to build is understandably less. This layout also tends to be more energy efficient.