COVID-19’s Impact on Commercial Construction Moving into 2021

We are almost one year into the global COVID-19 pandemic. Contractors throughout the United States have certainly experienced their share of obstacles within the past year. Projects have shut down or slowed. Crew members have had to be laid off. Construction costs have increased. As we move into 2021, we thought we’d look at a […]

Understanding COVID-19 Safety & Health Protocols in Commercial Construction

An Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) has always been standard procedure at construction worksites. No job sites wants to be plagued by worker injury and illness. It’s costly to both the client and the builder. In response to COVID-19, Los Angeles area commercial contractors H.W. Holmes, Inc. understand the importance of keeping its job […]

What Does My TI Allowance Really Include?

Whether your company is looking for office space in a newly constructed development or a previously occupied space in an older building, the building owner will likely offer a tenant improvement allowance. A TI allowance is a dollar amount the landlord offers to cover the cost of any customizations you want done to the space. […]

4 Commercial Renovation Schedule Killers

Ideally every commercial renovation project would run as efficiently and smoothly as possible. There’d be no delays or unexpected added costs. But, in reality, there are multiple factors that could negatively impact any commercial remodeling schedule. In this post, H.W. Holmes, Inc. – a commercial renovation company servicing Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa Barbara counties […]

Lower Commercial Construction Costs Through Strategic Reuse

There’s no telling what you might come across during a commercial construction project. While much of what you’ll find will need to be thrown out, replaced or upgraded, you might also find a few things that can be reused. Even better, this reuse can also decrease commercial construction costs. This is why it’s always smart […]

2017 Trends in Tenant Improvement Construction in CA

As we near the end of another year, we thought it would be interesting to talk about some trends we’ve seen as California tenant improvement contractors in 2017. Lucky for us, it’s been a great year for commercial renovations, which happen to be our specialty. But what kind of trends are we seeing overall in […]

Finding the Right Commercial Construction Company for Your Project

You’ve negotiated tenant improvements and signed your lease agreement. Now it’s time to find a commercial contractor in Los Angeles to start your project. Choosing the right Los Angeles area commercial construction company to work with is pivotal to your project’s success. You’ll need meticulous construction planning, cost estimates, project management, and skilled/experienced laborers. Here […]

Benefits of Using Experienced Commercial General Contractors

Commercial building owners are no strangers to struggling with inconsistent services. Stories about poor janitors, carpet cleaners, or landscapers aren’t uncommon. Truth be told, many contracted service providers take on more than they can handle. Commercial general contractors can be just as guilty of that.

Do your homework as you sift through commercial general contractors […]

Can Commercial General Contractors Save American Shopping Malls?

Can the American mall come back from the dead? Commercial general contractors work to attract retail and non-retail tenants to empty indoor mall spaces.

Could commercial general contractors play a role in helping indoor shopping centers lease unoccupied retail space? The once hustling and bustling malls of the 80s and 90s are having trouble maintaining retail […]

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