Commercial Remodeling & Build-Outs in Southern California

With over 25 years of experience, H.W. Holmes, Inc. has become a trusted name in Southern California commercial remodeling and buildouts. We’ve completed additions and fit-ups for a number of businesses in Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, and surrounding areas. From our initial consultation and earliest design phases through the finishing touches, our objective is to put any business owner, landlord, or architect we work with at ease by alleviating unnecessary worry, stress, or burden.

Whether we’re asked to expand or renovate an office or retail space, we bring fresh ideas, quality materials, and the highest level of craftsmanship to every project. Those that have worked with us speak highly of our collaboration, communication, and professionalism. They also love the final result.

Crossing All The T’s & Dotting All The I’s

Commercial Remodeling in Southern California - H.W. Holmes Inc.Any commercial remodeling job has the potential to be a big undertaking. You not only want your vision to come to life, but you also want to ensure all technical, safety, and legal aspects are taken care of as well.

We are well versed on all aspects of the building industry; including project management and the zoning and building codes of Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, or Ventura counties. Prior to beginning work on your project, we’ll secure all necessary work and construction permits to take those worries off your plate. You can also rest easy knowing that only reliable and licensed subcontractors are at the job site.

This is why H.W. Holmes, Inc. has an unwavering commitment to the reliability of our services and the quality of our commercial remodeling and build-out projects. We work on a very aggressive time schedule and consistently meet critical completion dates. All while making sure we meet your schedule and budget.

Each member of our team understands their role and what’s expected of them. As business owners ourselves, we know what’s at stake when it comes to enhancing a space that reflects your store or brand and your company culture. In the end, your business is a reflection of ours and the best testimonial and word-of-mouth referral we could ask for.

If we’re working in an occupied space, we make sure our work doesn’t interfere with your day-to-day business or your employees’ ability to do their jobs. If your business isn’t open yet, we do our absolute best to ensure our work doesn’t delay or impede your projected grand opening date.


Whether you need a commerical remodel or expansion, call the team at H.W. Holmes, Inc. at (805) 383-9929 or fill out our Online Contact Form for a free estimate on So Cal/Los Angeles area commercial remodels or build-outs. We look forward to helping you rethink your space.