Construction Project Management in Southern California

If you’re looking for construction project management in Los Angeles, Ventura, San Diego, or Santa Barbara counties, the team at H.W. Holmes, Inc. has the broad range of skills and experience needed to lead any construction or remodel project from concept to completion. Ranked among the top general contracting companies in the Southern California region, we offer our clients the expertise, versatility, and commitment to quality necessary to ensure the success of any construction project regardless of its size, type, or complexity.

General contracting and construction management are interchangeable at H.W. Holmes. While we can certainly work as subcontracted support – building from existing specs drawn by architects and engineers without our input, we truly shine when we can take complete ownership of a construction project from start to finish. In this role, we steer the ship and assume total responsibility for project planning, implementation, quality of materials and construction, on-site supervision/monitoring, and budgeting. We want our clients’ focus be on running their business, letting us oversee project phases or stages such as:

  • Defining project goals and objectives
  • Cash flow predictions and budgeting
  • Coordinating staff and project workflow/scheduling
  • Organizing job-site construction, supervision, monitoring/inspection
  • Managing the procurement of suppliers or additional subcontractors
  • Change control management
  • Maintaining project communication with owner, architect, and team
  • Closeout and post-construction services

Why You Need Construction Project Management Professionals

Far too often we see property owners attempt to self-manage a construction project; albeit as a cost savings or control measure. They hire a bunch of subcontractors, often multiple firms for each task, and the project suffers as a result.

First, the focus of any business owner should ALWAYS be on running day-to-day revenue-generating business operations – not overseeing multiple phases and aspects of a construction project. Second, if multiple subcontractors are used, there’s often no cohesion. In fact, there’s typically much potential for disorganization, confusion, and chaos. An attempt to have more control and save money can actually lead to a loss of control, excessive costs, and project delays.

When H.W. Holmes oversees a construction project, there’s a single point of accountability. Our team of Los Angeles-area commercial construction and tenant improvement specialists will work as a cohesive unit to ensure your project is completed on time, on budget, and per your vision and expectations.


Let the Southern California/Los Angeles-area construction project managers at H.W. Holmes, Inc. focus on the what, when, and whys of your construction project while you run your business. Contact us today at (805) 383-9929. You may also complete our Online Contact Form to discuss construction projects in Los Angeles, Camarillo, San Fernando Valley, San Diego, Long Beach, Burbank, Santa Barbara or any other part of Southern California.