In Southern California, an earthquake can strike at any time without warning. How prepared will you be? Perhaps you already have some idea as to what you’d do during an earthquake. You might have an emergency plan in place. Many Californians have survival kits on hand. They’ve run safety drills with their family as to what to do during a quake. But what about after the tremors subside? Especially when your property is damaged?

If your home or business is damaged in the aftermath of an earthquake, what is your plan for cleanup, repair, and restoration once the Earth stops trembling? How can you be certain your home is structurally sound enough for you and your family to continue to inhabit?

If you’ve just survived the trauma of a seismic shift, you can turn to H.W. Holmes, Inc. for earthquake repair in Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles counties. We provide earthquake cleanup and earthquake restoration services to homeowners and commercial property owners following a quake of any magnitude.

Southern California Emergency Earthquake Restoration

We’re a phone call away from arriving at your property to assess damages after an earthquake. We’ll put forth a plan to repair any damage to your home or property sustained from the tremors. Let our experience and knowledge guide you as we work to restore your property to its original condition. We’re local. We have loved ones of our own and have experienced frightening earthquakes ourselves. We understand how difficult of a time this can be for you and your family. We’ll do whatever we can to alleviate any additional worry and stress from your plate.

After a natural disaster, most homeowners are understandably overwhelmed by the magnitude of what they’ve just experienced. Even the seemingly simple act of cleaning the mess left behind can be too much to handle alone. Well, you don’t have to go through it alone. Let our trained specialists help get you through this trying time. We have the manpower and equipment you likely lack. We’ll help you clean up the mess left behind and repair structural damage following an earthquake.

There’s no need to deal with this on your own. H.W. Holmes, Inc. will send our well-trained, experienced, and compassionate team to work with you; letting you get back to living your life as we pick up the pieces and work to make everything whole again.


H.W. Holmes is pleased to serve the Southern California region – including Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles counties. We’ve handled extensive earthquake repair and cleanup projects for both local residences and businesses. If you’d like for us to assess damage from an earthquake, please contact us at (805) 383-9929. You can also complete our Online Contact Form for an estimate.