H.W. Holmes, Inc. provides Fillmore, CA tenant improvements to commercial property owners or tenants. If you’re a tenant or landlord, our commercial construction company can bring new life to any commercial property.

For over 25 years, the professionals at H.W. Holmes, Inc. have been providing high-quality tenant improvements to Fillmore commercial property owners and tenants.

For commercial property owners, we’ll create a space that fits the wants and needs of today’s most desireable tenants. Improving the potential for year-round occupancy.

For tenants, we’ll provide a space that serves the needs of customers and employees alike. Not only will your space be aesthetically-pleasing, but it will also boast optimal functionality; reflecting your vision and truly representing your brand or company.

Our Fillmore Tenant Improvements Include:

        • Space Reconfiguration
        • Gutting & Demolition Services
        • Buildouts, Expansions & Additions
        • New/Refinished Flooring
        • New Fixtures
        • Additional Outlets & Updated Electrical Modifications
        • Painting
        • HVAC/Plumbing Reconfiguration

      Fillmore Retail Construction & Storefront Remodeling

      If you’re shopping for a retail space, it’s pivotal that you know that any existing space you find won’t necessarily be move-in ready.

      Constructed retail spaces are more or less empty shells. You’ll have no personality and bare walls. The flooring is without carpeting or unfinished. There is absolutely no furnishings. The floor plan is usually open.

      If you’re a Fillmore CA retail business owner with a tenant improvement allowance, let us help you renovate any existing space into the boutique or shop you’ve always pictured in your head. Our commercial construction pros will work with you to create a space that appeals to your target customer and optimizes their shopping experience.

      As a full-service tenant improvement contractor, we manage every part of the project from demolition, if necessary, until a finished project is delivered. This includes everything from plumbing, electrical and HVAC to windows, ceilings, and floorings. We’ll collaborate to come up with ways to renovate or build-out a space that combines amazing aesthetics with phenomenal functionality. Our build out services can be done in accordance to existing plans or our Fillmore tenant improvement pros can help you devise a plan to build a unique and appealing retail store.

      Call us today for a free consultation. We’ll come to the site, listen to what you envision, evaluate your situation and deliver a customized Fillmore retail renovation or build out experience to you.

      New Office Construction & Office Tenant Improvements in Fillmore

      Need to renovate an existing office space to accommodate your needs? Our Fillmore office construction and tenant improvement contractors can help turn your vision into reality.

      Modern-day offices are all about open floor plans to accommodate a more mobile workforce and foster a communal or collaborative office environment.

      Reflecting your brand’s personality within the restrictions of a leased space can be a challenge. This is why you’d benefit from Fillmore office tenant improvement contractors. Partner with people who fully comprehend how your office remodel effectively creates your company culture and brand identity. Our interior office remodel will be done to your total satisfaction. Per your vision.

      H.W. Holmes, Inc. is the preferred full-service commercial general contractor for Fillmore office build-outs and remodels. We can remodel or renovate any currently occupied workspace with minimal disruption. Many of our Fillmore CA office tenant improvement services can be completed after standard business hours or over the weekend.

      Our Fillmore tenant improvement contractors have significant experience completing complex office remodels and office build-outs, both in single story facilities, multi-level office complexes, and urban high-rise buildings. We engage closely with our clients regarding every aspect of renovating or building-out an aesthetically pleasing and incredibly functional workspace. .

      Fillmore Restaurant Remodeling & Build-Outs

      All restaurants need to have their own feel and look. This is critical for any establishment to stand out from competitors to attract new patrons, and keep everyone coming back for more.

      As Restaurant contractor in Fillmore, we understand this more than anyone. This experience is the foundation of any restaurant remodel or restaurant build-out we do. This is why we’ve worked with everyone from smaller local eateries and bistros to national fast-casual, fast-food, and bar/grille or family style chains. H.W. Holmes, Inc. takes the time to truly understand the exact look and feel you want for your restaurant.

      From there, we’ll work with you to create a restaurant build-out plan addressing your specific wants and needs. We’ll ensure your kitchen is optimized for food prep and your dining area addresses both the needs of your servers and customers. Our pros can also address plumbing or electrical improvements, lighting enhancements, bathroom facilities and more.

      Our licensed and experienced contractors offer the total package when it comes to tenant improvements in Fillmore CA. H.W. Holmes, Inc. strives to satisfy and exceed all code standards to ensure you can provide the absolute best work environment for your staff and dining experience for your customers. Share your vision with us. We’ll present you with a restaurant remodeling or build-out proposal and set the wheels in motion to bring your vision to life!