Office remodeling and build-outs are ideal for any company that needs to transform an uninspiring work environment into a workspace that motivates and stimulates office personnel…

There’s nothing worse than a boring and uninspiring office space. This is why office build-outs and remodels are becoming increasingly necessary today. As tenant improvement general contractors in Ventura, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara counties, California companies trust us to build them a space that reflects their brand and the work environment they’re trying to cultivate.

This is a job we take very seriously. Every company is different and has different wants or needs. If you’re wondering how you can affordably transform your current office space from ordinary to inspiring, here are some affordable office remodeling tips to help your employees feel and work better…

Let There Be Light

Even the most carefully thought out open office floor plan will sometimes neglect one critical element. Sunlight finding its way to work areas. Natural sunlight is good for us. It elevates our mood and alertness and can improve both focus and productivity.

While it’s completely understandable that not every community work space can be built along a window wall for the sun to shine on through, it’s recommended that you have at least one communal workspace filled with natural light. Consider an atrium in the center of your office or skylights if that’s out of your price range or structurally impossible. Window tinting, films, or glazes can be used on skylights to filter out the sun’s glare to let the illumination come in without eye squinting headaches. Light shelves are another way to bring natural light deep into an office space if windows aren’t feasible.

Boost Comfort With Ergonomic Furniture & Equipment

It’s been confirmed by multiple studies that employee productivity and job satisfaction significantly improves with ergonomic furniture and equipment.

Many offices around the country have standing desks. These desks allow workers to stand rather than sit for hours on end. More offices are also replacing traditional office chairs with configurable chairs and work desks to promote better posture and ergonomics. This is to reduce muscle, bone, tendon and ligament injuries – like back or neck discomfort – common among sedentary office workers. Ergonomic keyboards can be used to prevent carpal tunnel injury and glare reducers can be used to reduce employee eye strain.

Flexible Use of Space

You want your workspace to be adaptable and easy to reconfigure to accommodate changing trends or staff sizes. Different areas of the office can set up for different purposes. For instance, while some office workers are un-phased by background noise, others need a more quiet space to concentrate or brainstorm. Too much noise and too many distractions are common complaints by employees working in a space with an open floor plan.

Have a communal area where workers can gather at a shared table or claim some nearby beanbag chairs or standing desks around the table. But also have a quiet workspace for that copywriter who has a deadline in an hour or two that needs to focus.

Many companies are even renovating their break rooms with a decor resembling a hip downtown coffee shop more than the at-home kitchen. A sample of this can be seen at the Giant Bicycle U.S. headquarters office remodel in Newbury Park, CA completed by H.W. Holmes, Inc.

While not necessarily appropriate for every company, many emerging company’s today ask for a “play” area as part of their office remodeling. A place for employees to unwind by playing games on a Playstation or Wii, foosball table, miniature golf, or a Jenga set.

Color & Decor

Don’t be afraid of splashing a lively paint color to break up dull business beige or the dreariness of dark cave-like colors. Creativity and collaboration are inspired by colors like red, yellow, and orange. Artwork or anything brand-related can also inspire or motivate since these things give the company an identity and instill a sense of pride within the workplace.

Greens, blues, and violets tend to promote a feeling of calmness and tranquility. Aesthetically pleasing plants and the sound of an office aquarium or an indoor or tabletop water fountain also make for a soothing and relaxing workspace.

Ready For an Office That Inspires?

Office remodeling or buildouts are an opportunity for a company to show their employees that their health, comfort, and happiness is important to them. By implementing some of the tips above, this should translate into happier workers, less employee turnover, greater innovation, and increased productivity.