The Los Angeles area is currently a magnetic hub for thriving companies. Most companies, whether they’re a startup or a well-established entity, want much of the same thing from an office space. They want a space that reflects their brand and company culture. They want to impress clients. They want to keep their workers upbeat, creative, and motivated. And they don’t want to spend a fortune.

If you’re on the hunt for office space, you may very well find a space within your budget that’s just not what you want aesthetically. In that case, you’ll need a tenant buildout. Can you afford it? In this blog post, H.W. Holmes, Inc. – Los Angeles area commercial builders specializing in tenant buildouts – offer some advice if you’re building out an office space on a budget. Here are a few things to consider when assessing a space if staying on budget is an absolute must:

Does the Office Space Offer Enough Flexibility?

A traditional office space is characterized by cubicle-divided workspaces, private office, conference rooms, and break rooms. This type of space appeals to a company that wants privacy for employees and some degree of separation between staff and upper management. It’s also more expensive. Comparatively, an open floor plan, built for wireless connectivity and more nomadic workers, is cheaper. Walls and wirings are forsaken which allows a company to get more from a smaller space. A space that combines a little of both can also be cost-effective. For example, an open floor plan but one or two private offices or a conference and break room.

Accommodating company growth or changes is another consideration when it comes to flexibility. Fixed partitions can be very limiting if space needs to be freed up to accommodate new hires or equipment.

What Kind of Amenities Does the Building Offer?

Renting an office space in a building with shared restrooms, meeting rooms, a place for workers to grab a coffee or a bite to eat, and even a gym is another cost-effective measure. This way you can experience the benefits of leasing a more budget-friendly space with an open floor plan without completely sacrificing the amenities of a more traditional office space that just isn’t in your budget now. There’s additionally no need to build any of those amenities into an existing open floor plan since the building provides them to tenants.

What Kind of Condition is the Space In?

It goes without saying that a space’s overall condition factors into office buildout costs. Instead of signing a lease and needing significant alterations or additions done to the space to fit your needs, consider a second-generation space instead. This entails moving into a space that’s mostly already been built out by a former tenant. This way you’re not footing the bill or losing sleep over tenant improvement negotiations to completely rehab a space. Only minor renovations should be needed and the entire space won’t need to be gutted.

Look For More Cost-Effective Quality Alternative Finishes and Furniture

It’s very tempting to bring new life to a drab-looking space with the addition of high-end finishes and furniture. But why not take a smarter approach instead? For instance, that high-end cherrywood hardwood might look freakin’ fantastic; however, if you’re on a tight budget, laminate flooring can suffice and exude just as much professionalism.

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