Redesigning Your Office Space to Enhance Appearance & Productivity

When it comes to an office, every company has its own unique set of wants and needs. In this blog post, H.W. Holmes Inc. – Ventura area office tenant improvement contractors – look at a few design elements and philosophies some of the trendiest office spaces are adopting.

Designated Team Meeting Rooms

This is something that for […]

Why the See-Through Workplace is all the Rage in Office Remodels

Many Los Angeles area office remodels are now featuring glass office walls and doors as part of their tenant improvement construction. But why is interior glass now the hottest material in office renovations and construction? What are the selling points and the negatives to the see-through office? We break it all down in this blog […]

2017 Trends in Tenant Improvement Construction in CA

As we near the end of another year, we thought it would be interesting to talk about some trends we’ve seen as California tenant improvement contractors in 2017. Lucky for us, it’s been a great year for commercial renovations, which happen to be our specialty. But what kind of trends are we seeing overall in […]

Be Cautious with a Phased Tenant Expansion Project

Nobody thinks of business growth as problematic. But more business generally means you’ll need to hire more people. Soon enough, you just may find yourself outgrowing your current office space. Ideally, you’d probably like to pack some boxes and move you and your team into a brand new space with more square footage. However, that’s […]

Why Employers Are Downsizing Office Space Square Footage

Millennials are reshaping modern workplaces. In fact, they’ve ushered in a boom for tenant improvement projects in the Los Angeles area. Modern office spaces are opening up. They’re resembling co-work spaces or coffee shops more than yesterday’s traditional office. Big desks and row after row of filing cabinets are gone. Replaced by communal work bars, […]

Cost of Tenant Improvements Per Square Foot

When searching for your ideal workspace, it’s practically impossible to find exactly what you want in ready-to-move-in condition. Most spaces will require some type of office buildout. Sometimes it may be nothing more than some new carpet and paint. Other times it may involve knocking down some walls, building new walls, or other major renovations. […]

5 Tips to a Successful Office Remodeling Project

Office remodeling is a necessary expense for commercial landlords looking to attract or retain tenants. However, far too often, these renovations aren’t handled correctly. Costly missteps are made with many office remodels that are completely avoidable with proper strategy and planning. Here are five tips to successful office remodeling in Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa […]

Watch for These Commercial Construction Trends in 2017

As is the case after every Presidential election, there’s a certain amount of uncertainty looming over the commercial construction industry. By the middle of Barack Obama’s first term in office, the construction industry had cut its workforce by nearly 40%; eliminating roughly 2.3 million jobs. Although the economy slowly picked up, bringing us more commercial […]

5 Things To Consider During Office Tenant Improvement Projects

Tenant improvement projects used to be pretty cut and dry. Specifically, office tenant improvements. Make some aesthetic improvements to the reception area, maybe spruce up the break room, add some storage space, build-out some private offices for the bosses, make an accommodating conference room, and insert rows and rows of cubicles for workers. Today, there […]

Adaptive Reuse Office Remodeling vs. New Office Construction

Most commercial contractors would agree that the current office construction/remodeling market is dominated by the “creative office.” What’s “in” right now is the adaptive reuse office remodeling. Repurposing older buildings full of architectural charm and character.

The conversion of older buildings into creative office space is being seen throughout the Southern California region. Some Los Angeles […]

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