5 Things To Consider During Office Tenant Improvement Projects

Tenant improvement projects used to be pretty cut and dry. Specifically, office tenant improvements. Make some aesthetic improvements to the reception area, maybe spruce up the break room, add some storage space, build-out some private offices for the bosses, make an accommodating conference room, and insert rows and rows of cubicles for workers. Today, there […]

Adaptive Reuse Office Remodeling vs. New Office Construction

Most commercial contractors would agree that the current office construction/remodeling market is dominated by the “creative office.” What’s “in” right now is the adaptive reuse office remodeling. Repurposing older buildings full of architectural charm and character.

The conversion of older buildings into creative office space is being seen throughout the Southern California region. Some Los Angeles […]

Dispelling Common Myths About Today’s Office Market

People in the commercial construction industry, including us here at H.W. Holmes, Inc., like to talk about office market trends. This very blog is full of such talk and our own projections about where the office market is headed. Here we’d like to debunk some common misconceptions people may currently have based on what they’ve […]

Office Remodeling Tips to Enhance Worker Morale & Productivity

Office remodeling and build-outs are ideal for any company that needs to transform an uninspiring work environment into a workspace that motivates and stimulates office personnel…

There’s nothing worse than a boring and uninspiring office space. This is why office build-outs and remodels are becoming increasingly necessary today. As tenant improvement general contractors in Ventura, Los […]

These 6 Office Design Trends are Reinventing Modern Offices

Office spaces today are ripe for reinvention. Let’s take a look at some alternative office design strategies being praised for creating not just happier workers but better occupancy rates for office building owners.

Office design in 2016 is all about bringing workers together. Today’s most successful workspaces promote a collaborative work environment. Employees should have […]

How Millennials Are Influencing Office Renovations & Improvements

Today’s Construction Industry Is Busy With Millennial-Influenced Office Renovations

Not only have Millennials become the largest generation in the U.S. workforce, they’re also redefining the way we work and where we work. This group, which is typically defined as those born between 1982 and 2000, currently represents more than half of the United States workforce. By […]

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