We’ve watched as the world has gone increasingly digital. Many offices have remote teams these days. Employees who seldom, if ever, work in a company’s physical office space. 70% of white-collar professionals work remotely at least once a week. Another 53% work remotely at least half the week. When they do go into the office, they’re not necessarily wanting to work in an environment that resembles Dunder Mifflin from the U.S. version of TV’s The Office. Nobody wants cubical farms anymore. This has companies turning to office tenant improvement contractors to reimagine or redesign their workspaces. They want a more inviting, communal, and comfortable space that makes . In this blog post, the Los Angeles tenant improvement contractors at H.W. Holmes, Inc. look at a few ways to keep your workers satisfied with your company’s office environment and culture.


You ideally want your office to be a community that’s built on creativity and solidarity in achieving a common goal. This is especially true for smaller or more focused businesses. Particularly in the tech startup, legal services, or entrepreneurial realm. Where you’re working with freelancers or contracted service providers who may not require permanent office space but need a spot to collaborate on projects. For example, a law firm may be working with a web designer, freelance writer, photographer, and mobile app developer. This isn’t permanent in-house staff but space is still needed to collaborate.

Open floorplans still work wonderfully in office design – no matter how often they’re dismissed as a trend or said to be a decreasingly popular model due to noise. There should be options outside of the traditional private desk or workstation. A lounge area with couches and TV. A kitchen with a bar. Meeting rooms. Private spaces where a content writer can plug their earbuds in and work a pressing deadline free of distraction.

It all comes down to ditching collaborative-inhibiting cubicles and crafting vibrant spaces that evoke or inspire motivation.


Millennial workers like open spaces with natural lighting and freedom of movement. Color schemes are important. A brighter office is often more cheery and productive. Interesting lighting fixtures are great. So is luxury vinyl flooring, which comes in a variety of styles and colors, plus offers some noise reduction benefits.

Sit to stand work stations are good for employees looking to avoid the sedentary aspect of sitting for 8 to 10 hours a day. And, again, smaller collaborative or communal areas with softy seating and wall outlets to plug in laptops, charge phones, etc.


This is dependent on the type of space being leased or constructed, but blending indoor and outdoor workspaces is a growing trend for many Southern California offices with outside seating or patios/courtyards. This can be accomplished using large panes of glass in place of walls to achieve this blended look.


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