Consider Above the Ceiling Factors in an Office Build-Out

There’s a saying, “out of sight, out of mind” that can be applied to many different scenarios. However, when it comes to renovating an office space, let’s just say there’s much more than meets the eye. What’s above an office’s ceiling grid is often overlooked if not completely disregarded. But modifications made below the ceiling […]

Who Pays for Tenant Improvements?

While we are not legal experts, and advise anyone negotiating a lease to seek legal counsel, as commercial builders – we’ve completed our fair share of tenant improvements. If improvements are needed to turn a space you’d like to lease into a space you can actually use, here are some things to know going into […]

4 Untrue Tenant Improvement Myths

Tenant Improvement (TI) Allowances are a significant expense for landlords. Customizing even a smaller space can often cost a landlord up to six figures. As with anything carrying that kind of price tag, a lot gets said about the true value or worthiness of tenant improvements. Some of what gets said simply isn’t true. Here […]

5 Ways to Get More From Your Tenant Improvement Allowance

Sometimes the tenant improvement allowance offered isn’t enough to cover every improvement or upgrade the space needs. When this happens, you really only have two choices. You can either pay out of pocket to afford the build-out you’ve envisioned or you can be creative when it comes to getting the most bang for your buck. […]

What’s Better for Tenants – a TI Allowance or Turnkey Approach?

It’s important to iron out the details of any work a tenant needs to customize a space to their specific use or needs. Before anything is signed, both the tenant and landlord need to clearly understand who is responsible for what. This is most commonly done with either a Turnkey TI or a TI Allowance. […]

Be Cautious with a Phased Tenant Expansion Project

Nobody thinks of business growth as problematic. But more business generally means you’ll need to hire more people. Soon enough, you just may find yourself outgrowing your current office space. Ideally, you’d probably like to pack some boxes and move you and your team into a brand new space with more square footage. However, that’s […]

4 Ways SMBs Can Avoid Costly Rental/Lease Mistakes

Small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) make far too many mistakes when renting or leasing a commercial space. In this post, we’ll outline several key mistakes SMBs make. Rental and lease payments are one of the top expenses incurred by most SMBs. Making a mistake early-on in this process can be devasting to a businesses bottom line. […]

5 Pointers to Avoid Costly Commercial Build Out Mistakes

If you’re leasing any space, a commercial build out might be necessary to tailor it to your specific needs. A tenant going through this experience for the first time will naturally be overwhelmed. Unfortunately, this also makes them vulnerable to mistakes. Mistakes that can be costly and detrimental to the health of their business. Here […]

Cost of Tenant Improvements Per Square Foot

When searching for your ideal workspace, it’s practically impossible to find exactly what you want in ready-to-move-in condition. Most spaces will require some type of office buildout. Sometimes it may be nothing more than some new carpet and paint. Other times it may involve knocking down some walls, building new walls, or other major renovations. […]

Evaluating a Building for Green Tenant Improvements

A tenant improvement is a fixed improvement to customize a tenant’s space to their specific tastes and needs. A “green” tenant improvement project can offer improved energy efficiency, increased employee productivity, optimal comfort, and fewer health risks. It also lessens the broader environmental impact of conventional construction and building operations. These processes typically eat up […]