YouTube Video: 5 Mistakes to Avoid in Lease & Tenant Improvement Negotiations

Mistakes happen but making a mistake during lease & tenant improvement negotiations can be costly for any small to medium-sized business. This YouTube video looks at five common yet preventable mistakes to watch for when looking for a new commercial space, negotiating or renewing a lease, or agreeing to a tenant improvement allowance.

There’s an air […]

Finding the Right Commercial Construction Company for Your Project

You’ve negotiated tenant improvements and signed your lease agreement. Now it’s time to find a commercial contractor in Los Angeles to start your project. Choosing the right Los Angeles area commercial construction company to work with is pivotal to your project’s success. You’ll need meticulous construction planning, cost estimates, project management, and skilled/experienced laborers. Here […]

5 Things a Commercial Landlord Wants in a Potential Tenant

Even when you hear talk that it’s a “tenant’s market,” don’t think you’re going to encounter a desperate commercial landlord ready to rent their space to the first interested tenant. Most landlords have certain criteria that must be met. Variables like background checks, references, credit reports, tax returns, or even your personality are factored in. […]

YouTube Video: How To Get The Most From a High Dollar TI Allowance

A TI Allowance is a huge selling point for both tenants and commercial property landlords. The landlord is looking to attract a desirable tenant with a sweet deal to renovate the space to accommodate their specific wants or needs. The tenant is looking for a space that won’t require much out of pocket expenses to […]

5 Things To Consider During Office Tenant Improvement Projects

Tenant improvement projects used to be pretty cut and dry. Specifically, office tenant improvements. Make some aesthetic improvements to the reception area, maybe spruce up the break room, add some storage space, build-out some private offices for the bosses, make an accommodating conference room, and insert rows and rows of cubicles for workers. Today, there […]

Why Short-Term Office Space Is Still a Viable Option

When you find a space you love, negotiating a long-term lease can be tempting. But is a long-term lease really in your best interest? Contrary to what you may read, a short-term lease or office rental isn’t indicative of a clouded vision. It doesn’t mean you’re not committed or lack long-term vision. It can actually […]

5 Office Redesign Tips Your Employees, Clients & Partners Will Love

For many, the place they work is basically a second home. Many people with office jobs spend anywhere from 8 to 11 hours a day at work. That might even be more than the hours spent awake at their actual home. This is why it’s so important for companies to create a work environment that […]

Never Sign a Standard Office Space Lease Agreement. Here’s Why.

If you hear, “This is the standard office space lease agreement that everyone signs” – STOP! Do not proceed. Here’s why…

As a tenant or a tenant representative, it’s very unlikely that you’ll want to read the entire contents of a standard lease agreement. These contracts are typically very long, complex, and usually printed in a […]

Most Useful Office Space Leasing Advice You’ll Ever Get

Are you an SMB about to move into a new office space? You need a comprehensive plan prior to negotiating that lease and your TI Allowance. Here’s some office space leasing advice to take with you as you look for a new space or enter into lease and TI Allowance negotiations.

Don’t Look for the […]

Choosing Between Commercial Tenant Improvements or a New Location

The good news is business is booming. The bad news is this accelerated growth has you running out of space. Is it better to expand your current location with commercial tenant improvements or pick up and move to a larger space? Here we weigh the benefits of each.

Benefits of Commercial Tenant Improvements


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