4 Useful Tips for Renewing an Office Space Lease

70% of expiring office space leases are renewed. Renewing an office space lease seemingly makes life easy for both the tenant and landlord. However, this doesn’t mean renewal is without complications. Be sure to utilize these four tips when an office space lease renewal is nearing.

Compare Costs & Risks of Staying vs. Leaving

If you’re on […]

5 Things to Know About Tenant Improvement Allowances

Having trouble understanding commercial real estate interior improvements? You’re not alone. A lot of factors impact how much you’ll get from a landlord and the best way to move forward. Here are 5 things to know about tenant improvement allowances.

Interior improvements for commercial real estate properties can be complicated. Especially office tenant improvements. Many […]

Applying the 80/20 Rule to Tenant Improvements in Los Angeles

John Scatoloni of Encon Commercial Real Estate service recently recommended the 80-20 Rule for Tenant Improvements. Learn how this approach can help you avoid costly buildouts and the TI allowance traps far too common in office space leases.

Tenant improvement allowance is an often overlooked part of leasing an office space. If a build-out is needed […]

Los Angeles Office Market Ideal to Negotiate Tenant Improvement Allowances

Office tenant improvement allowances let landlords buildout or retrofit an office space to tenant specifications…

Although the market can change at a moment’s notice, there are signs that the 2015 boom of Los Angeles County office market is leveling off. Last year, L.A. office vacancies fell as demand for office space in the region picked up […]

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