Office design today plays an integral role in a company’s branding, success, and growth. Modern offices have evolved from the days of soul-sucking high cubicle walls and horrible fluorescent lighting. The workplace today is all about experimentation and breaking from tradition. Today’s employee can be as nomadic as they choose to be – thanks to technology and connectivity. This is the ideology behind the rise of today’s creative office. In this blog post, H.W. Holmes, Inc – Southern CA office tenant improvement specialists – spotlight a few trends we’ve noticed in the creative office space niche.

Free-Range Cohabitation Spaces

Cohabitation Work Spaces - H.W. Holmes, Inc. - Los Angeles/Ventura Office Tenant ImprovementsCo-working spaces have been booming for a few years. Especially in the Southern California region where the tech sector reigns supreme. The traditional co-working space evolved from the tech incubator concept. Multiple tech startups choosing to work under one roof rather than leasing individual spaces.

However, the walls are coming down now. Whereas co-working spaces used to be individually compartmentalized, they are now free-range. No dividers from one company to the next. The idea behind this is to maximize collaboration and creativity. Companies in these open-floor offices today aren’t just sharing the same space. They’re also sharing the same resources. Often even the same talent.

Businesses beyond the tech sector are also getting in on cohabitation spaces. Some of the world’s biggest corporations are flocking to co-working spaces to find young talent, potential acquisitions, and for the flexible office setup.

Characteristics of this type of a free-range co-work space include:

  • Open floorplan
  • A lot of glass
  • Greenery and plants
  • Collaborative areas
  • Multi-use meeting areas
  • Community desks
  • No cubicles
  • Portable green wall partitions/dividers
  • Comfy couches and seating
  • Lightweight and mobile furniture
  • Unconventional creative spaces
  • Coffee and espresso bars

Second Nature – Biophilic Design & Plants

Biophilic Office Design - H.W. Holmes, Inc. LA area Office Tenant ImprovementBeing stuck indoors is one of the more disheartening aspects of working at an office. Between working longer hours and longer commute times, many office workers miss nature. This is why many companies are bringing nature to their office design.

Biophilia – the incorporation of green walls, plants, natural materials and textures (wood, stone, and clay), natural lighting, and waterfalls into an office design – has blurred the boundaries between the indoors and outdoors.

Biophilic design, along with other sustainable design practices like LEED and the WELL Building Standard, is part of a green revolution in office construction. It’s been shown that workers are happier and perform better exposed to natural stimuli. Biophilic design coupled with on-site wellness programs is playing a critical role in reducing workplace stress and improving morale and productivity.

Abstract & Geometric Patterning

Can commercial general contractors help shopping malls attract retail and non-retail tenants?It should come as no surprise that the creative office isn’t conservative. Gone are the days of characterless single-solid color walls. Especially drab white walls and rows of cubicles.

Today’s office features bright and vibrant colors. Plus geometric patterns and abstract designs. It has personality. Warm colors work in conjunction with pastel or bold and evocative patterns. This better conveys a company’s culture and personality. This accentuation is aesthetically-pleasing. Employees love it. As do potential prospects and clients.

Abstract geometric shapes and accent designs are particularly great when it comes to transforming creative spaces, reception areas, and employee break rooms or kitchens.

  • Warm and bold colors
  • Contrasting colors, particularly black and white
  • Evocative design statements
  • Unique Patterns and textures

Adaptive Re-Use Makes Old New Again

Can commercial general contractors help shopping malls attract retail and non-retail tenants?Old buildings are finding new life repurposed as creative office spaces. Adaptive re-use is bringing a second lease of life to dilapidated brick structures, long-abandoned shopping malls, or deserted manufacturing plants and warehouses.

The ageless features of fantastic old buildings. The rough but sturdy and historic structures. These are great spaces for a new vibrant creative office.

Some reasons we’ll be seeing more adaptive re-use and repurposing in the years to come:

  • Historic preservation
  • Energy-efficient sustainable construction
  • Money and time saved using an existing structure
  • Added character and charm


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