When Is a Tenant Interior Buildout Necessary?

Contractors use a lot of commercial construction-specific terminology when talking to landlords and tenants. Language that makes complete sense to architects and builders but confuses anyone outside of the industry. Especially first-timers who haven’t dealt with construction for tenant or leasehold improvements before. “Interior build-out” is one of those terms. In this blog post, H.W. […]

2 Musts if You Want the Most from Your Tenant Improvement Allowance

The renewal of a commercial lease can get tricky. There’s the “Should I Stay?” or “Should I Go?” component. Landlords understandably don’t want vacancies. Going months without a tenant is monthly revenue they don’t want to lose. This means most will do whatever they can to ensure their tenant stays. A tenant improvement allowance is […]

Why the Death of the Open Office Space is #FakeNews

News of the open office spaces’ death has been greatly exaggerated. The detractors of open plan offices have been vocal as of late. Much of this stems from a recent study concluded by researchers at Harvard. Researcher measured the impact the office workspace has on worker collaboration and communication. They looked at both before and […]

Tips to Protect Yourself From a Negative Tenant Improvement Experience

Any landlord or tenant that’s ever been involved in a tenant improvement (TI) project that exceeded the contractor’s estimate, required numerous change orders, and wasn’t finished on the promised date will attest that it’s best to avoid these all-too-common pratfalls. Thankfully, several things can be done during lease negotiations to increase your likelihood of having […]

The Benefits of an Open Floor Plan for Your Home

Trends in new home construction tend to come and go. However, open floor plans remain the most popular layout for single-family homes as we move further into 2018. Creating a space that’s uniquely yours is why many so many opt to build a custom home rather than buy an existing structure. An open floor plan […]

Understanding the Fire Restoration Process

If you or a loved one lost their home to the Thomas Fire, the team here at H.W Holmes, Inc. understands what a surreal and difficult time this must be. Our hearts are with everyone affected by what’s now the largest of California wildfires. Today, we offer some fire damage restoration tips for those who […]

5 Tips for Building Your Dream Home

Building your dream home is an investment that you’ll want to last a lifetime. Therefore, your house needs to be built with future needs in mind. For instance, will your family be growing? Will you be taking care of parents or grandparents? Would you like to have more space to entertain friends or host relatives […]

Landlord Build-Outs vs. Tenant Build-Outs – Is There a Right or Wrong Choice?

A commercial lease’s Tenant Improvement Work Letter outlines any renovations needed to customize the space for the tenant’s use. This work letter can be structured many different ways. However, it’s ultimately the tenant’s responsibility to decide whether they or the landlord will manage the design and construction process. There’s no right or wrong choice. There […]

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