The Southern California region is filled with a lot of companies – each doing whatever they can to stand out and separate themselves from the pack. When it comes to making a great first impression on a prospective client or customer, many companies rely on their staff to turn on the charm. While you definitely want your employees to impress, a prospective client’s experience begins as soon as they walk through your door. Your office’s design, starting with your lobby or reception area, matters. Thankfully, some relatively simple and affordable office tenant improvements, build-outs, or upgrades can work wonders.

Office visuals have way more client attraction/retention potential than you think. This is why whatever you spend on office build-outs, remodeling, or renovations will ultimately pay dividends. Not only will your employees appreciate it – boosting their morale and productivity – but both prospective and current clients will take note as well. Office improvements convey that you take pride in your company, brand, and work environment. They can also be perceived as a sign of growth and prosperity.

In this YouTube video, H.W. Holmes, Inc. takes a look at five tenant build-outs, improvements, and upgrades that will impress anyone that walks through your door. Whether they’re there to work, be hired, or do business with you. Even better, many of these improvements are actually affordable. You will learn.

  • How to Bring a “Wow” Factor to an Ordinary Lobby/Reception Area
  • How Stylistic Upgrades to Floors & Ceilings Can Add to An Office’s Ambiance
  • How Opening Up Your Space, and Breaking Down Walls, Breaks Down Barriers Between You &
  • How to Make Your Office Space Work for the Client
  • How to Incorporate Your Logo & Branding Into Your Office’s Interior Design

Total Running Time: 3:04

*Disclaimer – The images used in this video are examples taken from Pinterest boards and not the actual work of H.W. Holmes, Inc. Please visit our Portfolio page on this site for images of our actual work.