We live in a fast-paced world. Things are constantly evolving. Tastes and styles change. Technology advances. This is a big challenge when it comes to retail remodeling . Before going into any retail renovation, you have to be aware of the trends currently shaping consumer shopping behavior and buying patterns. Your retail remodel needs to embrace these trends while also bracing you for what’s to come. Here are 4 trends we feel are imperative for businesses to address in today’s retail store remodels.

Get Social

According to a survey by BazaarVoice, 70 percent of consumers research what they’re buying online before making an in-store purchase. The same survey also concluded that the average shopper sifts through roughly 10.4 sources of info online before making their buying decision.

Knowing this, you want to use social media to not just promote product but the in-store shopping experience as well. Once you get them in-store, you want that experience to surpass their digital experience. This can be achieved through great and attentive customer service from a staff knowledgeable about the product and what’s online.

It can also be achieved by incorporating unique ways for customers to connect your online presence to your brick-and-mortar location. Brick-and-mortar outlets can be digitalized to a degree by using consumer data collected from social media and website analytics. Associates can have tablets to research requested info on products or check stock at other nearby locations. If something is out-of-stock in-store, the tablet can be used by the customer to order it online for next day shipping or an in-store pickup.

Convenient Options

As described above, everyone is on-the-go today and connected to WiFi. Customers are busy and don’t have time to shop with retailers that don’t offer them convenience. Convenience is one reason so many people just “Click to Buy” rather than stepping foot inside a store. 71% of North American consumers find e-commerce to be more convenient than shopping at brick-and-mortar stores. Nearly a quarter agreed with the statement that they feel let down by brick-and-mortar stores.

Any retail store remodel should emphasize convenience. It’s something that won’t be going out of style anytime soon. The more convenience you offer customers, the better positioned your business is to meet their needs and keep their business. There’s a reason many e-commerce outlets are now opening brick-and-mortar storefronts. People still want the instant gratification of pushing an actual shopping cart, picking up items, perhaps trying them on, filling up their cart, and bringing stuff home. Make sure coming into your store isn’t a hassle for this kind of shopper. Always think convenience in everything from the parking lot to the store’s layout and customer service.


You want your customer’s in-store experience to be mobile-friendly. This means making sure a WiFi network is built into your store. It should be free to customers via a branded mobile app that uses data you’ve collected on their shopping history or patterns to help navigate them through your store. Retail remodels need to connect your business to the smartphones of your customers.

Don’t Get Stale

Customers like fresh experiences. If your retail store is becoming a bit dated and tired looking, retail remodeling can bring new life to your business. New paint and color schemes. New lighting. A new floor layout. Fresh food or fresh threads. It all goes a long way to keep consumers interested.

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