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H.W. Holmes, Inc. is a general contracting company specializing in office tenant improvement in Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles . Through the years, we’re becoming a leading provider of Southern California office remodeling, renovations, and buildouts. If you’re a commercial property owner, or you’ve been given an allowance by your landlord for a tenant build-out or retrofit, we’re here for you.

Our team can breathe new life into any space.  We accomplish this on time, on budget, and with quality workmanship and materials.  We also offer comprehensive project management and consulting, along with meticulous attention-to-detail.

For Commercial Property Owners…

Office tenant improvement has never been more important than it is today.

Millennials (Read: “Shrinking Desk Space & Millennial Office Tenant Improvements) have had a big impact on modern offices. Clunky office desks, walls around offices, and high isolating cubicle farms are now passe.

In their place are collaborative and flexible open work spaces or non-isolating short cubicle walls as pictured above at the Giant Bicycle offices in Newbury Park, CA. Desktop PCs no longer confine workers to their desks. They’re now able to roam around the office with their laptops. Owners of commercial office buildings must ask themselves if their space – as is – is capable of attracting today’s tenant. There’s likely some work that needs to be done.

That’s where H.W. Holmes, Inc. comes in. We reimagine spaces currently comprised of private offices and divisive tall cubicles to better meet the needs of today’s tenant while securing occupancy for the landlord.

For Office Tenants…

Whenever a tenant leases an office space, renovations and reconfigurations are usually needed whether it’s for aesthetics or functionality. Necessary office tenant improvements can range from splashing some new paint color on the walls to completely gutting and retransforming the space.

Our team can provide you with a workspace that truly meets your wants and needs.  We’ll work closely with you in order to meet your needs and expectations. We know that first impressions are everything. Your office space is an entryway to your brand. Your space must reflect your brand when clients, prospective employees, or business investors/partners walk through your door. We can bring your vision to life, whether it’s an open floor plan, better soundproofing for privacy, an updated kitchen, or just a more communal/collaborative feel. 

Our Los Angeles, Santa Barbara & Ventura Office Tenant Improvement Services Include:

  • Budget Estimates – With our years of experience and access to real project data, We can provide quick budget estimates based on the scope of the proposed project/work. Our experience with office remodeling, renovations, and tenant build-outs also enables us to recommend alternatives to keep you within your budget without compromising quality or your vision.
  • Occupied Office Remodels – A remodel doesn’t mean business comes to a screeching halt.  At H.W. Holmes, Inc. we take the extra measures needed to minimize risks to occupants workspaces that must remain in use during renovations.  We also offer flexible scheduling to minimize business interruptions – including working after office hours, overnight, or on weekends.
  • Interior Office Repair – Our team can help with all interior renovations big or small.
  • Common Area Renovations – H.W. Holmes, Inc. is highly respectful of other building tenants during any office remodeling or renovation project. Even with access restrictions, we are able to complete projects on time with minimal impact to any other tenant in the building.


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