Immediate Tax Deductions Now Available for Retail & Restaurant Remodeling Costs

Los Angeles-area restaurant operators and retailers considering remodeling to attract customers and stay competitive have an unexpected ally. The government. More specifically, the Internal Revenue Service or IRS for short. This is due to the finalization the IRS issued Rev. Proc. 2015-56 – better known as the Remodel Safe Harbor Rule – which offers certain […]

Los Angeles Area Commercial Development News – September 2016

This month we look at the opening of PizzaRev’s 41st location in Thousand Oaks, planned commercial development at the 26-acre LA Time’s printing plant near the Arts District, and spotlight Ventura County office suites at Moorpark’s Condor Corporate Center.

41st Pizza Rev Opens in Thousand Oaks, CA

Thousand Oaks is the latest California neighborhood to join the […]

Great Restaurants Share These Two Restaurant Design Traits

Successful restaurants have two commonly overlooked restaurant design traits. These two factors are responsible for everything from mood and ambiance to traffic flow and food presentation. Still aren’t quite sure what we’re talking about? Read on…

A restaurant’s success is more than just great food and service. Restaurant design is an all-too-often overlooked ingredient in the […]

Open Kitchen Designs Aren’t a Fad in Restaurant Construction

From hip city restaurants to fast casual restaurant franchises, more and more establishments are taking the mystery out of dining by embracing open kitchen designs as part of new restaurant construction and remodels.

Transparency is big in today’s restaurant industry. People these days want to know what they’re eating and how it’s prepared. Everything from the […]

Restaurant Remodeling Tips to Stay on Budget

4 Simple Tips to Stay on Budget for Restaurant Remodeling Projects…

It looks to be another strong year for Southern California restaurant remodeling. With the economy steadily improving, both casual and high-end restaurants are filling up again. This boost to business has renewed the confidence of not just national restaurant chains, but also local restaurant groups […]

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