Retail Tenant Lease Recommendations in the Wake of COVID-19

The retail industry has been dealing with the fall out of COVID-19 since March of this year. With state-issued executive orders requiring people stay home and non-essential businesses remain closed for months, many retailers are financially suffering and re-evaluating their rental or lease obligations. While California has permitted more retailers to reopen this past month, […]

3 Important Things to Consider for Your Retail Build Out or Renovation

There’s more to a successful retail store than the cha-ching of a cash register. In this blog post, H.W. Holmes, Inc. – a commercial construction company specializing in retail buildout and remodels in the Los Angeles area – look at a few ways retail stores can update their feel, enhance the experience of their customer, […]

Tenant & Landlord Perspectives on Retail Tenant Improvements

Most retail lease negotiations will involve a conversation about tenant improvements or customizations. Naturally, who is funding any necessary retail tenant improvements will be one topic of discussion. The outcome of this discussion is usually the landlord provides a tenant improvement allowance as a way to entice the tenant into signing. However, it’s not always […]

5 Things Trending in Retail Construction & Retail Remodeling

When it comes to retail design and construction, it’s important to stay ahead of the latest fashions – not unlike the merchandise or products you sell. The right design is integral to how customers interact with your store. A store’s physical design can do anything from enticing people to enter it to how much time […]

4 Trends Shaping Today’s Retail Remodeling

We live in a fast-paced world. Things are constantly evolving. Tastes and styles change. Technology advances. This is a big challenge when it comes to retail remodeling . Before going into any retail renovation, you have to be aware of the trends currently shaping consumer shopping behavior and buying patterns. Your retail remodel needs to […]

Immediate Tax Deductions Now Available for Retail & Restaurant Remodeling Costs

Los Angeles-area restaurant operators and retailers considering remodeling to attract customers and stay competitive have an unexpected ally. The government. More specifically, the Internal Revenue Service or IRS for short. This is due to the finalization the IRS issued Rev. Proc. 2015-56 – better known as the Remodel Safe Harbor Rule – which offers certain […]

Watch for These Commercial Construction Trends in 2017

As is the case after every Presidential election, there’s a certain amount of uncertainty looming over the commercial construction industry. By the middle of Barack Obama’s first term in office, the construction industry had cut its workforce by nearly 40%; eliminating roughly 2.3 million jobs. Although the economy slowly picked up, bringing us more commercial […]

When Click to Order Becomes Brick & Mortar

More e-commerce stores are opening up brick-and-mortar storefronts – how will this impact retail construction in Los Angeles & Southern California?

It wasn’t that long ago when traditional in-store businesses were hurting due to the rise of e-commerce and online retailers. Online shopping was convenient. You could do it from home in your pajamas and find […]

3 Retail Store Renovations & Remodels To Boost Your Business

Retail store renovations and remodels can significantly influence a store‚Äôs bottom line and profit margin…

Retail store owners have a lot on their plate. They have to ensure the store keeps up with trends to remain relevant in the marketplace. Customers have to continuously stay engaged. And the store must remain profitable no matter what. Believe […]

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