H.W. Holmes, Inc. is a Commercial General Contractor in Los Angeles, Ventura & Santa Barbara CA

“Our commitment to excellence is not a goal but an expectation.”

H.W. Holmes, Inc. is a top commercial general contractor and construction company in Southern California. We specialize in Office Tenant Improvement, Retail/Restaurant Construction, and Commercial Remodeling/Build-Outs. We work with tenants, property owners and managers, restaurant and retail chains, architects, developers, and designers.

Our personal interaction and relationship building is what separates us from other commercial builders and general contractors in the region. We are dedicated to seeing your project through from start to finish. When you work with H.W. Holmes, Inc. you’re guaranteed the highest-quality work. We’re committed to completing your project on-time and on-budget. Our craftsmanship, experience, communication, and cost containment measures are second to none. We also welcome the challenge of difficult and unique projects.

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Retail spaces that are functional and a showcase

Office Tenant Improvements

Tenant office remodels, renovations & build outs with attention to detail

Residential Construction

Let’s build your dream home!

Commercial Remodeling

We’ve excelled at commercial build-out and renovation projects for over 25 years

Restaurant Construction

We specialize in all aspects of restaurant construction & renovations

Cost/Budget Estimates

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Take a look at some of our clients

H.W. Holmes Inc. has been designing, building and improving commercial buildings for some of the region’s top companies and employers. From offices to restaurants and retail, our commercial buildings are helping local brands change the landscape and economy of Southern California. Making us one of the most highly regarded commercial general contractors in Los Angeles, Ventura & Santa Barbara counties.


Hear What Our Clients Have To Say

“I have worked with Hoyt Holmes and his construction company H.W. Holmes, Inc. on several projects over the years, starting with complex tenant improvements in Beverly Hills.
Hoyt has also built restaurants and residences in Los Angeles and Ventura counties that I designed.

Working with Hoyt is a pleasure as he is always ready to solve any issues that come up and he is an asset for the owners since projects will move more smoothly with his attention to detail.

Hoyt has an enthusiasm for craftsmanship which has resulted in projects coming out even better than as designed.

I highly recommend Hoyt Holmes.”

Anthony Eckelberry, Architect
“Our criteria in selecting the team to plan and construct Giant Bicycle’s USA corporate office remodel was simple. We wanted to work with a team that could meet our accelerated construction schedule, have the ability to work with our internal team of designers and understand our goal of creating a new environment that was creative, modern, and most of all, a workplace where each team member would be both productive and inspired.
From the first time we met the team at H.W. Holmes Inc., there was a mutual understanding about our timelines and expectations. They listened to our plans, asked questions for clarification and provided a fair and cost-effective budget for our entire build. Perhaps the one quality we truly valued about their company was their high standard of workmanship. Every employee or subcontractor brought on by H.W. Holmes Inc. performed their trade flawlessly by using building code materials and they all knew the required safety standards while at the job site. In addition, each one was properly credentialed, wore identifying uniforms and best of all, they all respected our employees and business environment.

I would highly recommend H.W. Holmes, Inc. for any future construction projects.”

Reuben Hernandez, National Retail Service Manager, Giant Bicycle, Inc.
“My Relationship with Hoyt Holmes of H.W. Holmes, Inc. has spanned approximately 5 years. Hoyt has provided his General Construction and management skills for many restaurant projects. My firm, Design Development Company, provides full-service restaurant design and working with Hoyt and his group is always a pleasure

Hoty and his firm are very familiar and experienced with providing, coordinating and managing the project from start to finish, seamlessly. He just makes our job easier

I highly recommend HW Holmes Construction”

Ron Lieberman, Design Development Company
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“Our commitment to excellence is not a goal but an expectation.”
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